Music students just want to enjoy playing music. But the approach of setting performance pieces far exceeding their capabilities is detrimental to advancement.

A feasible and more fulfilling approach:

  1. equips students with essential skills
  2. sets pieces within established means
  3. encourages recognition of the implemented skills
  4. firmly consolidates the standard with many pieces at the same level
  5. advances by repeating steps 1.- 4. at a slightly higher standard.

This is a first language approach to learning music. A first language is spoken fluently and automatically because of the utilzation of a relatively small number of familar words from a much larger vocabulary. Thus by:

  • building technical skills beyond those required
  • equipping students with rhythmic, melodic and harmonic vocabulary exceeding that in the works studied, and by
  • setting pieces within the capabilities

the way is paved for effortless progress and confident performances.

At Insight Music Education, this 'first language' approach to learning music is cultivated.

Rhythm Reading and Dictation equips students on any instrument with an ever-growing rhythmic vocabulary.


Equipping Pianists For Advanced Sight Reading imbues pianists with a suite of competencies beyond those required in their pieces, so that sight reading and piece learning becomes effortless!


Keyboard Music Lab builds a musically vocabulary that is effectively used to help beginner keyboardists play 32 tunes!



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