An Introduction to The Concepts of Music (Senior Music Text)

Whether they are referred to as the Elements, Components or Ingredients, this unique text expertly introduces the Concepts of Music, creating a firm foundation for the study of any senior secondary music course.

With comprehensive explanations, purposefully composed scores and a CD providing an aural dimension for the examples, An Introduction to the Concepts of Music is an essential resource for music teachers and students.

This invaluable text:

  • progressively introduces the concepts (texture, duration, pitch, tone colour, structure and dynamics & expressive techniques)
  • presents effortless memorisation and recall techniques
  • endows students with the expertise to successfully study music in any style
  • supplies valuable worksheets for musical analysis
  • offers strategies in formulating superior aural skills responses, and uniquely
  • supplies model answers for aural exams.

An Introduction to the Concepts of Music provides an ideal basis for the enjoyment of music.

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