Teacher Workshop 1 - Mastering Rhythm

In this inspiring session, Nick Peterson introduces:

Rhythm Reading and Dictation,

a pioneering resource empowering students with the ability to effortlessly decipher and transcribe rhythms.
The problem: So much time is wasted when music students learn new pieces ‘note-perfectly’, but with rhythmic errors. Teachers continually have to correct misinterpretations of familiar yet previously treated rhythmic ideas and, frustratingly, students must relearn pieces.
The simple solution: The whole problem can be evaded if students do not make rhythmic errors in the first instance.
Imagine your students reading the most difficult rhythms instantly, accurately, fluently and confidently at sight. Hard charts are no longer a problem; score reading becomes effortless and aural work, instinctive. Turning backtracking into forward progress, frustration is replaced with fulfilment!
In this session Nick reveals how these wonderful aspirations can indeed become a reality.  


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