Teacher Workshop 2 - Amazing insights to revitalise music lessons

Music is a vast art form. But in reality, to become qualified, music teachers merely specialize in a very narrow area of the art. In this eye-opening session Nick Peterson introduces:

Music’s Fascinating, Fun, Facts,

and sheds light on many of the neglected pieces of the musical puzzle. From this collection of educational and entertaining revelations, teachers will discover hidden gems of knowledge that are appealing embellishments to enhance their teaching. 
An opportunity to be acquainted with music’s lighter side, teachers will be:

  • astounded, when remarkable viewpoints shed new light on preconceptions
  • surprised, as complicated notions are eloquently clarified
  • delighted by the ever-present humour, and
  • bewildered as to why they weren’t given the knowledge in the first instance.

Amazing and amusing. Not to be missed!


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