Teacher Workshop 3 - An Introduction to the Concepts of Music

In this hands-on workshop full of fun, practical and refreshing ideas to enthuse teachers and their aspiring musicians, Nick Peterson presents the indispensable resource:

An Introduction to the Concepts of Music.

Focussing on the concepts (texture, duration, pitch, tone colour, structure and dynamics & expressive techniques), the session comprehensively clarifies material vital to the listening and musicology components of all music syllabi. Most importantly, prospective teachers can witness an experienced musician and educator demonstrating efficient and effective techniques helping:

  • teachers to impart and
  • students to grasp and recall

many elusive and intangible musical ideas.
Once absorbed, and catering for the performance components of all music syllabi, teachers are guided into applying the knowledge to rhythmic and melodic improvisation in the context of an ensemble.
This session is about equipping teachers with knowledge and expertise to further inspire and empower their students.

A musical lifeline!


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