Teacher Workshop 4 - Who said listening lessons can't be fun!?

The challenge is to find material that is:

  • engaging and captivating
  • entertaining and stimulating
  • educational, and that fulfils syllabus requirements, and that is also
  • effortless for teachers to convey, and for students to absorb.  

But where are teachers going to find the time to locate such suitable material? This session offers the solution.
Following from the outstanding success of the senior resource An Introduction to the Concepts of Music, Nick Peterson introduces the exciting new teaching aids:

The Concepts of Music- a multimedia resource for elective music, and

                                The Concepts of Music- a multimedia resource for junior music.

 With limited time being depleted by extraneous demands, teachers will welcome these quality, time-saving resources.
Attendees will be shown how junior and elective music students can gain explicit insight into the construction of music through graded analysis; breezing through listening lessons based on remarkable live shows that celebrate music making.


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