Teacher workshop 7 - Keyboards in the Music Classroom

It is challenging enough for a music teacher to teach the piano to just one pupil at a time, but faced with the task of instructing a whole class of learners, each with individual personalities, musical tastes, physical abilities, learning rates and attention spans; the very notion can be daunting. The problem is compounded if the teacher is not a keyboardist.
In this session Nick Peterson allays the above concerns as he presents:
Keyboard Music Lab - a graded approach for junior music,
an innovative student workbook that uses classroom keyboards as a tool for learning about music.
Overflowing with sequential performance, musicology and composition activities, this ground breaking resource enhances the potential for every class member to gain an appreciation of music’s workings, and to discover the musician within.
Attendees will learn how the comprehensive program equips teachers to empower students en masse.

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