Yes, music is meant to be fun! And what better way to achieve this than by learning via graded programs that build confidence. Imagine:

  • young music students sequentially learning to sight read complicated rhythms instantly, accurately, fluently and confidently at sight! These are just the results achievable from Rhythm Reading and Dictation
  • pianists sight reading with ease having been imbued with the sequentially learned coordination skills offered in Equipping Pianists For Superior Sight Reading 
  • high school music students clearly understanding the building blocks of music and appreciating music of any genre! These are just the results achievable from The Concepts of Music series.
  • junior music students learning to play many pieces on the keyboard with both hands! These are just the results achievable for Keyboard Music Lab

Such invaluable skills build abilities, and increased abilities create confidence. And all this is topped off with Music's Fascinating Fun Facts, more hidden treasures of musical information delivered in an educational and entertaining manner that will amaze and amuse!
It's as simple as that.





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