Keyboard Music Lab (class set)

At last, an effective resource for teaching classroom keyboards, specifically designed for junior music classes! It’s simple, well-graded, educational and fun! A perfect introduction to playing keyboards and learning about music!

Keyboard Music Lab is a student workbook that pupils may complete independently, or together as a class. Syllabus requirements covered include:
  • Performance. A sequential reading program empowers students to play 32 tunes. Furthermore, with the tonic-dominant, harmonic left hand accompaniments, 20 tunes can be played using both hands! (That's students on their own, not the keyboard doing it for them!)
  • Musicology. Well-graded analytical activities reinforce musical understanding.
  • Composition.  Insights into the creative processes prepare students for the melody writing exercises.
Features include:
  • Rhythm reading practice
  • Dexterity training
  • Clear explanations
  • Informative diagrams
  • Musical quizzes
  • Humorous cartoons
  • Challenges for accomplished pianists
  • Useful glossary and,
  • Handy answers 
By teaching students to read, play, analyse and compose music, Keyboard Music Lab is an ideal introduction to the fun of music!

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