Music's Fascinating Fun Facts

It's educational. It's entertaining! Music’s Fascinating Fun Facts is a compilation of curious and comical musical disclosures. Author of the best-selling Concepts of Music series, Nick Peterson shares extraordinary musical perspectives which can be used to enhance music lessons.

While keeping you updated with modern musical terminology that suddenly keeps appearing (licks, riffs, ghost notes), the book reveals intriguing truths about:

  • famous composers - Why was Bach sent to gaol?
  • familiar music - Was Beethoven's Fur Elise written for Therese?
  • instruments - What is a eunuch flute?
  • styles -  Why was the elegant waltz first thought of as 'dirty dancing'?
  • theory - What in musical notation, is the 'sign of the ass'?

Answer the common sense questions that may stop you in your tracks:

  • Why is a double bass 'double', even though there is just one?
  • If there is a 'Last Post', what happened to all the other posts?


  • astounded, as remarkable viewpoints shed new light on preconceptions
  • amazed, when complicated notions are eloquently clarified
  • delighted, by the ever-present humour!

  Music’s Fascinating Fun Facts celebrates music's lighter side.

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