Rhythm Reading and Dictation (Includes 2 CDs)

Rhythm Reading and Dictation is a pioneering resource that teaches the skills of rhythm reading and rhythm dictation simultaneously. 

A graded and comprehensive program universally applicable to all musicians, it sequentially takes perfect sight-reading at an elementary level and transforms it into perfect sight-reading at a much higher standard.

The package includes two CDs containing hundreds of graded rhythm dictation exercises, with answers supplied for easy reference.

For students, the significant increase in rhythmic skills leads directly to improvements in the areas of:

  • Performance via dramatically improved sight-reading skills,
  • Musicology through increased score reading capabilities,
  • Aural skills via increased abilities in rhythm recognition and writing and
  • Composition by facilitating a sophisticated rhythmic vocabulary that can be effortlessly transcribed,

...the cumulative result of which, is sound advancement in overall musicianship.

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