Insight Music offers outstanding original music services. A musical polyglot, composer Nick Peterson writes authentically in a myriad of styles. Whether requiring:

  • catchy jingles for radio or television advertising,
  • tailor-made audio architecture for commercial premises
  • unforgettable theme music for a cinematic masterpiece, or
  • music to accompany a special event,

we pride ourselves on being able to provide original music that's ideal for your needs.

Film Scores

When it comes to film scores, Insight Music offers flexibility. This is because eclectic composer Nick Peterson writes authentically in a multitude of styles. And with an instinct to marry More...

Audio Architecture

At Insight Music we can give your commercial premises tailor-made music fitting the image you want to project. By relaxing your customers, or even getting them into the groove, they will stay on More...


At Insight Music we work closely with our clients to produce quality advertising music that's right for their business. In promoting your company name we aim to have potential customers singing More...


Whether you need an attention-grabbing fanfare for the grand entry, or awe-inspiring music to fit your momentous occasion, at Insight Music we can design the sound that will contribute to making More...
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